Kübbii, the eco-friendly design solution

Kübbii reflects your creativity and addresses your needs and Kübbii’s modules can be configured to fit your space. The multifunctional modules of strong, lightweight, recycled and recyclable cardboard are your solution for decorating needs in the home, school, library and business, or for any kind of event. Kübbii projects an image of your values and reflects your personality and style.

Be unique and innovative… like Kübbii!

Products entirely manufactured in Quebec

Kübbii’s eco-friendly design utilizes a very ordinary material used for many purposes in everyday life—cardboard.

This commonplace material possesses amazing qualities. It is strong, lightweight, recycled and recyclable. Kübbii is eco-friendly and stimulates the social economy.

  • Made from recycled materials

  • Recyclable

  • Canadian-made product

  • Social economy

  • Ici on recycle

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