Bookbuddii-Logothe  bookcase you can color

4 modules to store, draw, animate and play!


Bookbüddii-storeBookbüddii-createBookbüddii-play Bookbüddii-animate

 The only decorative, reversible and customizable furniture. Create your own!

Just like a giant construction block, our naturally appealing design for children can be set everywhere, on all sides, together or separately. Choose your color because each Bookbüddii is unique


The bookcase turns into a work of art, a pouf, a pencil box or even un castle!


Kubbii-Bookbuddii enfantsPlayful and practical, the bookcase allows children to stimulate their artistic sense and their taste forKubbii-Bookbuddii-creativité reading while having  fun. Children will be able to color, draw, paste, decorate their bookcase and create a world around their favourite books.

Color a mandala, finish a pattern, create your own design with our removable creative faces. Our bookcase transforms itself according to your tastes and discoveries.

Placed together or set apart, Bookbüddii can be moved throughout the house: bedroom, living room, game room, basement and more!


Staging the book with Bookbüddii!

Kubbii-Bookbuddii-classeBookbüddii was conceived to receive only small quantities of selected books. Their regular rotation keeps this space dynamic and attractive.

The innovative and unique concept of removable faces to color brings a playful aspect and presents the theme to BB Halloweenbe studied. The bookcase becomes the extension of the book, the identity of the class.

To make reading accessible at all times and multiply the occasions to pick up a book, Bookbüddii can be set up throughout the school: classes, library, daycare, corridors and cafeteria, self-supporting or mounted on the wall.

3 Büddii


The Büddii display panels animate the various activities such as the pacing of questions and answers times, investigation games, etc.