Responsible marketing


Greater brand consistency

A brand is not only what it says, it is what it does. Preserving the brand’s consistency between its positioning, its DNA, and the experience it offers has become a major challenge to develop value.

We offer you physical communication media that will be able to combine your environmental speech, your product-service and the way to present them in a total consistency.

Examples of realizations

Customer communication

The recognition of your customers who associate a positive image to your brand while staging your difference with

  • Complete booth
  • A quick installation  for a short event
  • A display stand on a table
  • A mobile showcase
  • A museum structure to present the whole company, its DNA,  products,  history,  teams, values…. the inevitable roundabout during an event or at the company’s reception area
  • Corporate gift upcycling

Internal communication

Brand recognition is driven by the motivation of its employees.

The goal is to build trust with an engaged and committed team around environmental and human values.

  • Display to present the various services, employees featured, in-house competitions, good news …
  • Participative signage to share his environmental commitment, his dreams ….
  • Personalized event, 5 to 7, party, gala, fundraiser…
  • Stimulating training by encouraging teamwork and exchange between participants