Eco-friendly events


An eco-friendly event integrates the principles of sustainable development at every stage of its organization. It aims to reduce negative impacts on the environment, increase social and economic benefits, and thereby improve its image among the media, participants and partners.

Examples of realizations

Create the rented unique visual impact

  • Promotional material in your colors, logos
  • Can change from one year to the next
  • Zero Waste at the end of the event because everything is reconditioned

Different customizable spaces

  • reception area with the colors of the event
  • Sponsor stage with  panelists
  • Lounge with cocktail tables
  • Business area
  • Booth: from simple table display to complete layout
  • Workshop, training, mini conferences

Unique Display Solution to present

  • the whole event, its DNA,  history,  values, Recognition and thanks
  • Partners
  • Conferences, workshops, activities (presentations, schedules, etc.)
  • Contest (rules and deposit box )
  • Presentation of products….

More visibility for your sponsors

Incorporate new visibility options into your sponsorship plan. This gives your partners the opportunity to communicate and promote themselves in other ways.

Participatory space

The human in the spotlight: whatever his role during the event, he will be able to leave his mark with

  • The image wall as a personalized medium to take photo
  • The opportunity to share your commitment, your wishes…. all related to the theme of the event

Custom spaces

Whatever your idea we will create the structure that fits to your idea and objective. From some Kübbii to oversized installations!





The services behind the product:

Race analysis and shoe customization with examples. Complementary products and race club with schedules.


The zero-waste concept behind the product:

Bulk or fair trade products with containers to fill. Value and mission with the business card dispenser. Workshops and awareness conferences with the flyer distributor for schedules.



Derivatives behind the mascot:
The character of Cyprienne with all its stories, its adventure books, pencils, puzzles, puppet … ..



The message of the poster-The dynamism of the display

Create your structure to offer your customers a complete, dynamic, participative and multi-sensory experience.





You can always

  • Adapt the size of your display to the messages you want to passget across
  • add new Kübbii
  • arrange them in different ways together or separately
  • move them easily from a kiosk to the waiting room
  • Change the message by changing only the printed side