An interactive living space


Kubbii-Bookbuddii- Bibliotheque à dessiner pour enfants


The library’s vocation is changing to become a new place to live and attract children to books

This visionary approach makes it possible to create the link between the child and the book by the pleasure of playing and appropriating its space. Thus the thematic or animation spaces will be as much appreciated by children and adults



Appropriate the bookcase

The pride of creating its own decor and staging a theme, his favorite books, the character we have just discovered … ..

The pleasure of drawing alone or in a team on the bookcase is the ideal way to own your space


Bookbüddii personalisé


Temporary Thematic

Introduce a new theme with removable faces to create or print to stage the selected books




Create a reading corner to your colors

Whatever the shapes and sizes given to your reading corners, they will be able to transform at any time




Custom spaces within budgets

Whatever improvements you wish to make to the library, our design department is available to find the best solutions

The development project can be scalable and planned according to the different budgets allocated