Why rent cardboard furniture?

You are looking to differentiate yourself, talk about yourself and your values and most of all draw attention to you and impress!

By using our personalizable  to your logo turnkey furniture, you are joining  the Zero Waste Movement.


Kubbii-seat-tSeat :

19 x 14x 10po deep

Printed color front

Kraft back


Kubbii-Square Coffee Table-tSquare coffee table:

19x19x21 high

Printed color on both sides

Logo on top


Kubbii- Long coffee table-tLong coffee table

38x14x16po high

Printed color top

Both sides with logo



Kubbii- Cocktail table-t


Cocktail table

19x14x40po high

Printed color on both sides

Personalized top


Kubbii-Small lectern-tSmall lectern:

19x14x40po high

Top kraft, Personalized front faces


Option : faces avant interchangeables

pour annoncer le conférencier

Kubbii-Large Lectern-tLarge lectern:  

19x 19x40po

Top kraft

Personalized front faces




38x19x30po high

Printed both sides with logo

Kraft finish


Kubbii-Showcase display-tShowcase display

42x8x 34po high

Top finish old wood or kraft

Printed front with logo



42x8x38po high

Top finish old wood or kraft

Printed front




Kubbii- Documents Display-tFreestanding documents display

14x8x 66po high

1 module of presentation with support in back and 2 modules for storing

Printed front


Kubbii- Sponsers’ Wall-t


Sponsors’ wall

28x8x 61po high

Logo of the event and promotional signage for sponsors (logo and space for business cards, handouts, objects…)


Option: addition of sponsors 

Kubbii- Staircase Shelf-t


Staircaseshelf display:

56x8x 75po high

Display or store (gifts, trophies…)

Printed front




Kubbii- Pop-up 360-t Kubbii- Pop-up 360-td

Pop-up 360°28x 48x 65po high

Counter and display embedded. Printed on both sides Can be installed on a 5’x5’area







Rental procedures

Offered anywhere in the extended region of Montreal and its suburbs

Identify the spaces to be fitted out. We will help you optimize them

Quotation for the items rented, delivery fees, installation and disassembling

All you need is to send us your logos and colors to customized the furniture (included in price)

Option: graphic design services to add images, texts

Possibility to develop structures to suit your particular needs

Delivery 4 weeks minimum

-Prices on request (many possible options)

Ideal for all eco-friendly events up to level 4