Depending on your needs and preferences, Kübbii will display the colours, textures and patterns of your choice.. Get creative and blend your favourite patterns. The look will be fabulous!

Slide your cursor over the icons to see all the available options.

Removable Faces

In few seconds, without tools, your Kübbii change appearance

All theme faces are removable for temporary use in events or presentations. They fit over the original face of your Kübbii.

Seasonal Faces

Winter B3              Spring F2            Summer Sable-Large                    Fall Automne-Large

Theme Faces

Coup de coeur Coupe-Coeur-Large-02        Digital book  Livres-01-EN               Hands  Mains

To color on Faces   

  Mandala AnimalDessins-Animal        Mandala Marine Dessins-Marine       Mandala FlowersDessins-Fleurs              Mandala TownDessins-Ville