The story of a sustainable invention

Why are we doing all this?

The problem of overconsumption is no longer a secret and unfortunately it is not on the decrease. Studies show that we consume 20% more natural resources than the planet can generate. To meet our future needs, if we continue at this rate, we will need 2 planets in 2030!

What are the impacts of this overconsumption?

Over-consumption has negative environmental and socio-economic consequences:

  • Overproduction of waste
  • Overexploitation of natural resources
  • Pollution of water, soil and air
  • Increase in inequities where 20% of the population owns 80% of the wealth
  • Record household debt rate
  • Increased stress and anxiety

And more. The list is long and the finding is alarming….

What can we do with this?

Rather than stop in front of this observation, at Kübbii, we decided to focus on what we could do best. And for us, it is to offer a sustainable promotional display solution in the corporate and event world.

Where is that from ?

At the base of Kübbii, there is a committed sculptor artist: Anne Patel. His artistic approach has always been linked to overconsumption. Through her sculptures of crushed objects and waste that mourn their existence, she denounced this frenzied mode of consumption and the amount of waste that results from it …

The source of inspiration

The idea was to have an object that adapts to our needs and not the opposite in order to no longer be caught with his business. She wanted to create a product that evolves with our needs and desires!

“Having kept my soul as a child, I was inspired by the Lego, the blocks that come together to create what we want them to become” – Anne Patel