Walk-around message displays

An eye-catching 3D display!

An efficient and flashy product, the walk-around, which can take many forms depending on the space available and the message you want to convey. The display becomes dynamic and several atmospheres can be created on each facade.

3 axis tower

Very stable, it offers a large display area

area and museum-type exhibition. It can be placed at the entrance of your event to present the program or at the reception of a company

to highlight its brand identity.

30x30x 70" high

3-axis column

Takes up minimal floor space.

Each axis is printed on both sides, resulting in 30 customizable printed sides. Column can be as high as desired

28x28x 75" high


The diameter can be increased from a triangle to a square as needed. Column offers 15 customizable printed sides

28x28x 75" high

Signalling Totem

Easy to move with a small footprint (19x14 in), each block of the totem pole can be rotated to the desired orientation.

It is an ideal product for showcasing your sponsors in different places of your event or for signage.

3 heights: 66 '' bronze, 75 '' silver, 84 '' gold