Ecodesign, Ecoconception et Economie circulaire

Refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle

Environmental values are at the heart of Kübbii's adventure!

L’idée maîtresse derrière Kübbii est d’utiliser des rebuts générés par la société de consommation et en faire un nouveau produit intelligent et adaptable afin de contribuer activement à la réduction de l’empreinte carbone des entreprises et organismes.!

An undervalued raw material!

When we know that each tonne of recycled paper saves 2 tonnes of wood, we understand the need to reuse already existing materials.

Cardboard is everywhere around us, to the point where we no longer pay attention to it. Yet in addition to being strong and lightweight it has incredible potential. Recycled and recyclable, it has an infinite life cycle


Everything has been thoughtful and optimized:

  • Rethink the way to use products
  • The Lego module assembly principle to offer maximum usage option
  • The principle of upcycling to give new life to a recycled material
  • Using only one material for better recyclability
  • The cutting of shapes to reduce raw material losses
  • The technique of assembling the cardboard to maximize the life of each Kübbii (years...)


The importance of the Kübbii life cycle:

The objective is not to use a new resource for manufacturing and to leave no waste at the end of life

The Kübbii are born from our recycling practices, offer many options of use and return to recycling at the end of life, leaving no ecological footprint

From the business model to all stages of manufacturing and distribution, everything has been analyzed to minimize the impact

Principle of the circular economy

What we do to limit our environmental impact

  • Production is entirely carried out in Quebec with a local raw material
  • The manufacturing process requires a very small amount of energy and water;
  • No toxic products are used: the glue is made from ecological dextrin (potato starch);
  • The company's suppliers are located within a 30-kilometer radius.
  • Possibility of renting Kübbii to avoid the buy-throw