Looking for another way to showcase your business cards, information pamphlets or documents? Kübbi shelves propose to put your entire offer on a wall!

A beautiful shelf in your image that will take the shape of the available space and will group all your information tools!

Kelly small shelf

1 Large, 2 Mini Kübbii

Front printed sides

Available in 2 depths 6 and 8 inch

Kelly shelf large

2 Large, 1 Mini Kübbii

Front printed sides,

Available in 2 depths 6 and 8 inch


Possibilité d’être personnalisées au branding de l’entreprise. Les faces imprimées peuvent être contours ou pleines pour plus de surface d’impression.Possibilité de découpe spécifique pour vos cartes d’affaires, flyers, revues…

Architectural, the different depths and patterns can be combined

Colors and patterns are available in the catalog