ENGLISH Kübbii, la solution d’affichage promotionnel durable

Always the right promotional material!

Vous avez besoin d’un grand kiosque une fois par année, d’un petit kiosque quelques fois par année, d’une table d’accueil ou d’un présentoir régulièrement?

Nous vous proposons une solution qui comblera tous ces

besoins. Avec les mêmes modules multifonctionnels Kübbii, vous pourrez créer les supports de communication visuelle dont vous avez besoin.

No more inadequate promotional material!

How to integrate a new message?

You have a new product, a special offer, a theme that you want to put forward punctually or a new phone number?

No more need to change all your promotional material. We have created printed faces that are also removable and interchangeable which allow you to infinitely adapt your visual communication.

Change your message in seconds and for just a few dollars!

How to communicate your company values in a creative way?

Putting forward your eco-responsible values beyond traditional statements on your site and social networks is now possible.

Since Kübbii products are made of recycled cardboard and are fully recyclable, they not only become a fun and attractive medium to promote your products, but also, a proof of your environmental commitment.

How to stand out?

Nothing is more frustrating than having worked hard on your message, to have products of quality and strong values and to go unnoticed.

The Kübbii team will create for you original promotional display materials both utilitarian and impactful. A tailor-made communication solution available for purchase or rental.

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