Your booth reflects your brand.

Your booth is the first impression you give to potential customers at trade shows and events. It needs to be attractive, have a different look and a flashy setup to make you stand out as much as possible. And for your presence to gain notoriety and credibility, you must have a message consistent with your corporate values.

We offer modular exhibition booths, which will adapt to all your situations. Whatever your budget, the space you have and the offer you present, we will integrate all the necessary items to create a kiosk that will arouse the interest and curiosity of visitors.

Service kiosk

Ideal for a small service kiosk.

It includes a reception desk with storage, a display with storage space and a pamphlet and business card dispenser. Just add a coffee table and a few ottomans to create a space conducive to socializing!

Small space kiosk

With the free-standing promotional banner and a podium, this space is ideal for small places.

It allows the display of your logo, the printing of an image but also storage spaces for your business cards, your flyers, your magazines, and presentation documents in addition to your electronic equipment.

Holds on a surface of 3pix3pi Can also be mounted on a 6ft table for a strong visual impact

The stand-alone 360° kiosk

Ideal in a passageway, it offers maximum visibility for a ridiculously small footprint (5'x5 '). Dimensions: 28x 48x 65 '' high

Dimensions: 28x 48x 65" high

• It includes a counter and a display with double-sided prints. • Can be installed in a self-managed structure or separated in a kiosk.


With the same material

  • In self-managed 360 kiosk, printed on both sides
  • Counter and separate linear display