Sitting down, nothing more ordinary. What if this gesture turned into an experience in itself? As proof, Kübbii cardboard poufs instantly become a topic of conversation: we want to try it out, and even climb on it with both feet to test its strength!

Lightweight and able to carry more than 100kg, they fit equally well in a kiosk, on a stage to seat the panelists, in a waiting room or even a business space.



Vertical Pouf

19 x 14x 10po depth

Sale or rent



Horizontal pouf with feet

19 x 14x 10po depth

To have integrated storage



  • Kraft sides, white, printed in solid colors or with the event or company branding.
  • The printed sides can be contour or solid for more printing space
  • All the poufs used in the same space can be identical or with different messages