Structures without limits!

To really impress, these exceptional promotional materials will mark the spirits of your customers.

Submit your projects to us, we will create the most appropriate assembly that will highlight your business and your corporate messages

Example of a low staircase display

dimension: 90 ” long-49 ” high

Kraft to present products,

Prints on the front and installed on the stage to promote the event or the main partners

Prints on both sides of the walkway


Example of an interactive photo both:

  • Giant logo that you can enter and take group photos
  • Personalized structure that will receive comments and congratulations from your customers in the same way as a guestbook.



10ft high Christmas tree available for rental for:

  • Christmas parties, printed with the achievements of the year
  • Events, presentation of the different products held in a Christmas market
  • Shops, presentation of gift ideas for the holiday season



Complete stand-alone kiosk with 12ft long counter and Storage wall for many games




Where no regular installation fits, Kübbii structures find their place. They adapt to the configuration of the space and create additional storage where you do not expect it.


Mini arena to the delight of children. In a daycare service, to store books in multicolored shelves or simply as play blocks that will become huts, boats, ottomans, and tables … according to the imagination of toddlers