A store window is an invitation, it must inspire desire.

Select the hottest products of the moment to showcase rather than taking the entire store out.

By regularly changing the decoration, the windows will be able to come alive to the rhythm of news, promotions, seasons and major events. So you reflect an image of dynamism

This is the opportunity to stage a story. Your storefront will seduce, surprise to arouse desire and trigger the act of purchase.

2 ½ Large :  

19x 4x9" and 19x4x5" high

One side print

2 ½ Mini 

14x 3x4" and 14x3x5" high

One side print

2 ½ Micro

11x3x4" and 11x3x2" high

One side print

Pop up shelf

Bring life to the shelves by breaking product liners. The ideal tool to present a complete range with all products

Pop up on table or showcase

Micro presentation shop for all kinds of products with all sales pitch

Pop up on table or showcase

Totally kraft on which temporary removable prints can be added

The star product

Promotion of a particular product

Can be used in 3 different ways

  • stalled with other Kübbii
  • placed on its base
  • hanging in the air